Clientele & service

In collaboration with you, we define the planned action, the content of the process, and the internal and external parties involved.

Strategic and legal assistance can be useful for scores of companies, from small to large. For international projects too - where knowledge of foreign legal systems is crucial - our attorneys can provide true added value.

We work for a divers Belgian and international clientele, from the local employer to the Fortune 500 multinational. Our clients are active in a wide variety of sectors, such as, telecommunication, security, project development, audit and accounting, entertainment, industrial production, transport, real estate, tobacco and retail trade.

We provide expert coordination for your projects, with a view towards an optimal result.
Sooner or later, many companies have to face reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, problems with successions… They need an effective management to realise a variety of projects. We have the required expertise in house and offer a cost-effective solution for all assignments.

Our attorneys and consultants support you in a number of domains:

  - Project management
  - Due diligence examinations
  - Legal audits
  - Assistance in all kinds of negotiations
  - Support the transfer of companies
  - Corporate governance
  - Communication management

We offer you a cost-effective solution for realising your particular projects (reorganisations, negotiations, etc.) or by supplementing the existing department of your organisation.

Our compensation is charged at an hourly rate that is based on the specificity and complexity - and also on the urgency and scope - of the assignment.